Shadwan Island, Red Sea

Shadwan Island
Legal Status: undeclared nature reserve
Distance from the beach: 37.6 km
Nearest Port : El Gouna around 35 km
Area: 40.99782 km 2
The Island has Shadwan Lighthouse which was built in 1889 and rebulit 1987.

Shadwan Island History
The island was used as a military base during the attribution war 1968-1970 the Artillery & missile batteries on the islands shelled island forces occupying the nearby Sinai Peninsula.
On the 22nd of January the Red Sea Governorate celebrates its National Day when the Israeli army “paratroopers, naval commands" attempted to land on the island trying to occupy it, But due to the stiff resistance on land and the massive air strikes from Egyptian air forces the Israeli forces failed to remain on the island.

Economic exploitation:
- Special Barrier Reef island contains many places to dive and fish-rich.
- Oversees the main navigation corridor to the entrance of the Gulf of Suez, which gives it a high economic value and strategy.
- Untapped tourist although it contains beautiful beaches.
The environmental importance
- It is one of the most important turtle nesting areas hawkish beak Egyptian coast of the Red Sea, which is one of the most endangered species in the world.
- Contain sensitive ecosystems, particularly coral reefs and which is characterized by its diversity and high density compared to the northern islands, as well as sea grass.
- Recorded a number of marine dolphins surrounding water.