Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hashish tourist area is located about 25 kilometers south of Hurghada on the coastline of the Red Sea. In addition, it is one of the latest mega tourism projects on the coast of the Red Sea. Was built a small center of the city and so far includes six resorts rattling it was formally inaugurated in late 2007. This place features a center of the city and a major gathering place and cinema complex to carry out the entertainment. Among the attractions is to build a bridge within the upper limits of the sea and up to 250 meters
The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism recently ended full of planning for this region, is now considered the largest tourism investment zones in the Red Sea, and includes 14 hotels and tourist village.
 It has been planning for this place a new quality of tourism called wealthy tourism.  The most important is golf courses, where it was decided that there would be floodlit golf course, in addition to the pharaonic city under water, which is the first of its kind for amateur tourism diving, marina for yacht tourism, and is considered the most expensive types of tourism in the world.
Sahl Hashish reached about   32 million meters and managed by the Egyptian Company for Tourism Resorts, which has three stages of plotting the rate of 6 million meters for the first phase and 6 million meters for  second stage  and 20 million meters of the third stage. The resort includes a 1560-room hotel and 679 residential units while waiting for the opening of 6 thousand hotel rooms and 6 thousand additional housing units included in future projects. It also includes a exposed  theater called  piazza  is very  famous for the huge musical concerts held by the top Arab singers and attended by thousands of their fans and  the most famous concert was for  actress Sherine Abdel Wahab , Elissa and very famous operatic display (Aida).
Hotels in Sahl Hasheesh

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Tropitel Sahl Hasheesh
Premier Le Reve
Premier Romace
Baron Resort Sahl Hasheesh
Pyramisa Sahl Hasheesh
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