Hamed Goher Museum

The ‘father’ of the scientific aquarium in Hurghada

Hamed Abdel Fattah Gohar was born in Cairo on November 15, 1907. He enjoyed primary education at The School of Islamic Charitable Society, and secondary education at the Royal High School. Hamed received His baccalaureate degree in 1925, coinciding with the year of establishment of the Egyptian University.
Subsequently, Gohar joined the Faculty of Medicine. Despite his brilliant performance in his junior year, He preferred to turn to the Faculty of Science. There he reached the Bachelor of Science status with first Class honors. What followed was the appointment as a lecturer in the Department of Animal Science Faculty. 
In 1931, two years after graduating, he submitted a thesis, as part of a Masters Degree program. His Theme was illustriously titled “the exact anatomy and endocrine histology in the rabbit.” When Hamed Gohar moved to Hurghada and managed the local Marine Biology station, he continued his
Scientific research, concentrated on Red Sea objects. Eventually, he received a PhD degree in science in this Branch of knowledge. Six decades ago marked the start of an impressive series of his extensive ‘aquatic’ studies. Gohar has gifted Egypt and the Arab world with an abundance of scientific contributions.

During his career, he worked as a consultant for Science and Technology at the Arab League in 1970. One of his grand contributions is his participation in Arab scientific dictionaries by the Arabic Language academy. Most notable are the Lexicon of Biology and Agricultural Sciences. As for international accolades and recognition, Hamed Gohar goes down in the history books an adviser to the Secretary General of the United Nations to organize the First International Conference on Law of the Sea in Geneva in 1958. The International Atomic Energy Agency chose him in 1959 as Chairman of an international meeting, dedicated to the disposal of nuclear waste in the deep sea. He was also a member of the Advisory Committee of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. One can only admire Hamed Gohar for his scientific endeavours and stand in awe for his impressive curriculum vitae. It contains memberships and Fellowships or presidencies for the Zoological Society of Arab Republic of Egypt, the Egyptian Society of Oceanography, the Egyptian Academy of Sciences, the International Academy of animal science in India, the International Academy of Fishery Sciences in Rome and the Supreme Council of Fisheries. An entire generation of Egyptians grew up with ‘Dr Hamed’. He hosted a very popular weekly television program. It was called ‘Sea World’, in which he highlighted under water scenery with films of the most various natures. With his distinctive voice and characteristic appearance, Hamed Gohar stays on the mind if Egyptians forever…